Chef Stuarto welcomes you to 1020 Radio!

Stuarto Glasser1020 Radio is a dream come true for Stuarto Glasser and his friend Don Stinnett. Re-discovering radio after so many years, Stuarto came out of semi-retirement from music to begin a radio career in 2009.

As a well known program host and producer of such shows as The All Around The World Music Show and Kitchen Cuisine, he reaffirmed the power of radio and the way it touches so many people's lives on a daily basis. To continue that human touch, 1020 Radio was born and began development in mid 2011.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 1020 Radio has a diverse programming schedule in English as well as some programming in Spanish. There is music, educational formats, talk, news, as well as live broadcasts and video streaming of many of our programs.

We showcase new artists from around the globe and are totally interactive with
our listening audience.

Live from 1020 is a weekly live broadcast from 1020's Studio A, featuring a diverse blend of musicians from everywhere.

So tune in easily at and join the explosion!

The 1020 Radio studio is getting wired for your enjoyment

The new soundboard at the 1020 StudioWe have been patiently and lovingly bringing the 1020 Radio studio to life.

In September of last year we finished the last of the walls, and completed the audio and video wiring.

Thanks goes out to many who have been involved in this process; and a special thank you goes to Ben Nason, who has provided expert technical support, along with Don and Rhonda E.

Team 1020 — your awesome!

Some describe the 1020 Radio studio as "explosive" !